"It is my firm belief that it is a mistake to hold firm beliefs."

Beside the obvious contradiction, this small piece speaks that solid belief
in something, is a mistake. Belief is the deception of yourself - try to
know, instead. The philosophical standpoint that we cannot know, is not
one to be underestimated. Though one must, of course, weigh the value
of it.

"Common sense is what tells you that the world is flat."

This quote speaks what we all would know and understand, given some
thought. Common sense is mostly built up of local culture, instilled
fears, our own prejudice and non-thinkingness in our lazy nature.
Quite a help for locals meeting locals - but sadly tends to hinder our
perception for the new, the unknown and the understanding needed to
further society.

"Nothing is ever easy."

Although Terry Goodkind seems to take a few too many leaves out of
Robert Jordan's books, he got this right in the Sword of Truth series.
Nothing is ever easy, simple, or, the way it seems.

2007-04-19:0311 - Why people read the news

    It struck me a couple of days ago that I had been reading the news more
    often than usual. I shrugged it off then, but I understood why yesterday.
    I was worried. Just some stuff about my unhappiness with my current uni
    education, but enough to try to fool myself into not seeing the problem.
    Good thing I noticed this. Now to stop worrying and solve it.