Unbelieving chant of reason,
chilling to the bone.
Comes close to treason,
in the dark, deep catacomb
of the mind's hallways.
A labyrinth unsearched
in which we wander our days.

Allow me to guide you
or rather, find you,
a way to understand.
So that you may find
your own way to the land.

If I must be brief,
and that I must,
I have only one leaf
which I can trust
from the tree of understanding.
It has but one word and meaning.
Patience is it's name
and on it all knowledge is leaning.

It is the key
to past, present and future.
I hope you see
that this seed is given nurture.


Black Widow

You awake one morning
stuck in your sheets.
Tearing around, longing
to calm your heartbeat.

Slowing down,
you open your eyes.
They stick to the ties
of the spiderweb
covering your bed

In walks the spider
and picks up it's litter.
All clean now
says the critter.

With web in tow
and the floor covered in leaf,
blowing in from the open window,
the spider leaves.

The black widow,
color of its name,
crux on her back,
in her eyes the flame.
Her victim... Slack.


A poem's poem

A poem of grace
In perfect form
Rarely found by chance
More likely chase'd
From sea in storm
Upon the beaches' sand
Back around again
Until deemed fit
to walk upon the land.


These days

There are days
when there are ways
to communicate,
without feeling
For your sake
I hope I'll sate
your need for
I can't take,
the thought of you
missing something precious too.


Straw hat

Hand in my pocket, settling
my precious straw hat
on my head, I sat
in wind's reach, laughing
at the waves, a-longing
to them combat.